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About Jeou Muh
JM Inc. was founded in 1986 at our current location in Taichung City.

In the early phase of JM’s injection molding production, we partnered with Hitachi and specialized in home appliances; in parallel we manufactured car parts and diversified our production experience between larger and smaller scale items. As we increased our client base, we expanded our injection molding business to include sports equipment and industrial chemical pumps.

Throughout our business growth, JM has continued making and maintaining expertise in home appliance part molding.

In 2012 
we updated all of our machines to the latest models to serve our clients better.
In 2013 
we incorporated the latest model of agile five axis robotic arms to remove finished products from molds precisely and efficiently, increasing employee safety and quality while also improving product cycle times. 
In 2017 
we toured the facilities of several overseas clients to broaden our injection molding knowledge and expertise, taking inspiration from the best international standards. 
In 2018 
we participated in CHINAPLAS 2018.

Vision of Jeou Muh

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